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Buenos Dias Gente

Buenos Dias Gente (Good day people.) today I called my boy Jason over and told him about a little Latina I know and how I lied to her about him being a Spanish Soap Opera Director. He loves the little Latinas so I knew this would get him in the door but he would still have to close the deal. Daisy, the girl I called over is a petite Mexican Mami with a banging body that loved gringos. She was explaining why Latinas were better then other girls while she was \"quitandon la ropa.\" (Spanish 101. Getting naked). Her and Jason finally met and they hit it off from the start. I'm glad he took those Spanish classes because that really won him some points on the credibility meter. This girl was ready to do whatever was necessary to get this part. They were making out on my couch and she was rubbing his dick like it just had a hard day at work. After a little of that she wrapped her beautiful lips around Jason's whoo whoo and gave a demonstration in her amazing deep throat skills. When they started fucking I thought they were going to break my couch but then they stood up and did some Anti-Gravity position that was cool. When it was all said and done he shot a load all over her pretty face and she's still waiting for the call to the set.
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uploaded: Aug 5, 2021
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