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Gluttony Part 1

This is her life now. Lying down in the middle of a dining table while the rest of the company lavished each other with cocks and tongues and deft fingers. She knows this is an orgy, of course. She knows that - what she doesn’t know is if she had made the right decision to be here tonight. It’s still her choice. If she wants to let out the beast inside her and take part in this celebration of the flesh. She scans the room full of people in various stages of undress. They don’t care about her. It’s like she doesn’t even exist. They are too focused on their own pleasure to notice the heavy set woman lying in the middle of the table. They continue to sucked each other’s tongue and eat food using the human body as a plate. All around her, she sees naked bodies, impressive breasts and thick cocks. She wants to dive in. She wants to cover herself with mash potatoes and let them lick her clean. She wants to eat a piece of pie from the valley of that brunette’s breasts… but she held back. For some damned reason she stay were she is, just watching. Naked bodies spasmed from overstilmutation and she saw one woman covered and gravy while her partner lick the gooey gobs on her. On her right there is a man who is using jam as lubricant. Next to her head was a couple spreading red sauce on each other’s chest and licking it right after. A woman got down on her knees and sealed a curry flavored cock into her mouth, while the owner of the cock smeared butter all over her face. Any minute now and she’s going to jump from her place and join their devilry. Any. Minute. Now.
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