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Keisha Grey Puts Her Boobs On The Glass

James Deen is on his phone all day. His fuck pet that goes by the name of Keisha Grey is bored and needs some tender loving fuck. So Keisha starts rubbing her nice tits and big ass against the window to entice her owner. James didn’t take a while to notice her efforts. James gives her 100% of his attention and starts teasing each other with the glass wall in between. Somehow, they made it work. Keisha eventually comes in and gives her whole body for James to handle fully. James now starts playing with her mouth, tits and pussy. His hand goes around, trying to give Keisha the best experience even in the start. Keisha eventually drops down to her knees and starts saying hello to his fat cock. She slurps and gags all throughout the process. James was nice enough to grab her by the hair to keep her in place. After that, James made her stand up, face the other way and presses her against the glass wall. From that , he start fucking her wet pussy from behind. He does this when he dragged her ass all around the room to give some spice into it. He then slammed her to the couch, raises one leg and continues pounding on her pussy. Even at this, James had the time to play with Keisha’s face while he wrecks that pussy. He even flipped her over to make her go on all fours. This gave him a convenience to fuck that pussy in doggy position. He occasionally bury his face on it to make it consistently wet and sloppy. For the last dance, he drops down and lies beside her. From this, he starts fucking her pussy sideways. This prompted James that he is now ready shower Keisha his cum-filled attention she’s been asking all morning.
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