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Summertime Blossom Part 2: How to Please my Crush

Summertime Blossom (Part 2 of 3): Following a steamy afterparty, Blake decides to confront her crush Matt at his home. Sadly, he isn’t there, but his parents are! Shay, Matt’s mom, explains to Blake that his son has a perfect girlfriend, Em, Blake’s rival. She tells her that she needs to learn how to please Matt before confronting him, so Shay teaches Blake a thing or two about hot sex. Mike, Matt’s dad, suddenly comes in naked and finds the two women kissing. After some explanation, Mike joins the girls in a hot threesome to boost Blake’s self-confidence. Everything seems to be going well until Em walks into the scene and takes blackmail pictures of Blake. What will happen to her? Stay tuned for the raunchy conclusion!
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