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This Is What Happens To Bad Girls

Emma Hix is a hot dumb skank that has absolutely no idea how to wash a car. She clearly isn‘t that interested in actually washing the car. She definitely wants to make herself the slut whore spectacle of the neighborhood. She gets wet and flashes very skimpy panties while soaked in a white t-shirt. Her fine ass and tits are on display for the world to see. While Emma is frolicking in the water, Amber Chase storms on the scene. She immediately tells Emma what a dumb slut whore she is. Angry that she was wasting water and trying to be the town slut, Amber drags her inside the house and slams Emma down. Amber grabs Emma by the hair and gropes her tits while scolding her for being a bimbo. She strips Emma down to skimpy little panties and starts slapping her pussy. Amber spanks Emma a little and then strips her completely naked. Amber parks her pussy on Emma‘s face and demands that she munch on her hair box. Then, Amber gets up and return with a strap on dildo. She is going to show Emma what happens to dumb, slut, whore, bimbos who waste water during sexy car washes.
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