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Yhivi, with short black hair, wears a gray cropped top under a black long-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. She sits comfortably on the piano bench. Every now and then, she would play some keys on the piano as she waits for James Deen. James, wearing a light blue V-neck T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans, approaches her. She takes her top off revealing big tits, her nipples already hard. He takes a photo of her wearing nothing but her bag on. As he saves the photo on his gallery, she puts just her black top back on and sits back on the bench. She patiently waits for him, once again. He is now back, with his belt already unbuckled and his pants unzipped, his big dick already out and hard. James grabs her by the hair, makes her bend her knees on the floor and stuffs her dick inside her mouth. She almost choked at the size of his member. With James now bare naked, he puts her in a doggy-style position and gently thrusts his dick inside her, feeling her tight pussy slowly opening up for him. Her wet pussy tightly wrapped around his dick is so sexually satisfying that he feels his orgasm building up. He’s ready and just when he is about to come, he lets Yhivi deepthroats his throbbing cock and releases his warm juices inside her mouth. She willingly swallows all of it. He allows her to rest for a bit. Then he proceeds and positions her for the second round. This time, he opts for the table top sex position. James aims for the butt hole instead of her pussy and it takes her by surprise that she screamed for her life. It looks like it’s her first time to be fucked on the ass. Feeling her slowly adjusting, he turns her to the side, knees bent and legs touching each other and suddenly gets her back to the doggy-style position. The tightness of her ass hole on his dick is making it hard as a brick. Yhivi’s tight pussy and ass hole is making James hornier than ever. So, he lies down on the white couch, makes her hop on top of him, and enters her wet pussy smoothly. From that cowgirl position, he suddenly sits up hitting her A-spot. The sensual pleasure drives her wild that she rides him unstoppably. Not pulling his big hard dick out of her pussy, he turns her around into the reverse cowgirl position before lifting her legs up and placing her feet that are still covered with black socks on his knees. They continued on a stand and deliver position with them almost ready to release their warm juices on each other. With James Deen almost at the peak of her orgasm, Yhivi deepthroats him again, hard that he releases his warm juices all over her face.
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